Olympus IPLEX LT Video probe 

The Olympus IPLEX LT Video probe is suitable for inspection diameters from 6mm and comes with a 3.5m insertion tube.  Portable with advanced reporting features.

The removable Li-ion battery is capable of running for up to 100 minutes the unit rents with two battery packs, the unit also rents with a mains power lead and battery charger, allowing you to easily maintain power to the IPLEX LT for the duration of your application

Weighing only 3kg, the IPLEX LT is suitable for a range of working environments including confined spaces, wind turbines and aircraft hangars.
The built-in illumination system further supports difficult working conditions, in which light and space may be limited.

The intuitive icon-based set up makes the IPLEX LT incredibly easy to use and means that operators can control the Video probe with minimal training or previous experience.

For reporting purposes, the IPLEX LT features a large 16.5cm built-in screen which provides exceptional visibility and allows you to analyze defects in real-time. You can also record your inspection data as JPEG Images or MPEG-4 Videos and transfer them from the LT to a PC via a USB stick, which allows you to easily analyze your data off-site. 

Technical Specs


  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Wind Power
  • Process Industries

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