This can also be done directly on site without having to stop to go to a PC with separate analysis programs, which was the case previously. This makes production much more efficient. The system includes laser transmitter D22 with manual rotatable head, and with the option of deflecting the laser beam 90°. With a few more accessories the system can also be used to check the parallelism of the two tower flanges. In the measurement system’s display unit it is possible to generate a PDF report containing graphs and measurement data. All information about the measurement object is documented.

Easy-Laser® Flange systems can be used on all sizes of flanges, regardless of diameter. You can measure 1 to 5 circles of measurement points, for example inner, middle and outer circles, in order to see the taper of the flange. Each circle can have 6–180 measurement points. The program guides you graphically step-by-step through the entire measurement, which quickens the measurement process. Two methods are available: Full circle measurement and Sectional measurement. Unique Flange Section measurement program included Measures 1 to 5 circles of measurement points Evaluate the result with advanced best-fit calculations directly on site True 3D™ makes it easier to interpret the result.



LUDECA, INC. is an authorized and certified repair and service center for EASY-LASER® products in North America. Please note that any attempt to service the components by unauthorized personnel will render all warranty coverage void.

Should a service of your EASY-LASER® instrument ever become necessary, we offer you a quick turnaround time, and if necessary a loaner system or component will be available to you (E-series only).


LUDECA, INC. is an authorized calibration facility for EASY-LASER® products in North America. We offer calibration inspections traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Our calibration service includes:

  • Cleaning and inspection of the system, including parts to make sure all are in proper working condition.
  • Complete calibration
  • Check system operation, including any preventative repair if needed to make sure the system works as a whole.
  • Update system firmware to current version (if applicable).

The calibration accuracy of EASY-LASER® systems should be checked every two years.

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