With Easy-Laser® E710 the same system is used to reassure yourself that the machines have optimal conditions for problem-free operation, without risk of unplanned downtime etc. Carry out the following:

  • Check the base
  • Check bearing play
  • Measure the machine
  • Check vibration level
  • Check soft foot
  • Align the machine
  • Document the results

Easy to learn, easy to use 3 year warranty gives assurance Fast service and support 48-hours Express service if necessary. Ergonomic design Low overall costs during the entire lifecycle of the product, for example servicing, accessories, etc. Endurio™ Power management system ensures that you never have to stop in the middle of a measurement because the battery has run out. Expandable / Adaptable.

Easy-Laser® E710 is an alignment system that is complete in its full meaning. It does not just give you all the functions for shaft alignment, it also gives the opportunity to check the machine base and any bearing play using the standard equipment! ​

Programs for Horizontal machines, Soft foot checks, Machine trains, Vertical/flange mounted and Cardan/offset mounted machines are included. Furthermore programs for Straightness, Flatness/Twist and Parallelism measurement are included. Using accessories you can also align sheaves/pulleys with digital precision and check vibration levels. No other system on the market can offer this flexibility! Using the accessories you can also align sheaves and pulleys with digital precision and check vibration levels. No other system on the market can offer this flexibility! Large, clear color screen, wireless measuring units (included as standard), long operating life and robust design give a measurement system that is both reliable and easy to use.

When we talk about simplicity we mean several things, for example, simple to place or mount the measurement equipment on the measurement object, easy to perform the measurement and easy to interpret the measurement result. With Easy-Laser® E710 you can measure all types of rotating machine, large and small, equally well, regardless of shaft diameter. One smart feature is the barcode reader (accessory), which enters the machine dimensions with literally one swipe! This makes it easier for new operators who don’t need to search through long lists of machine templates with descriptions that are difficult to understand. Quite simply, easier to do correctly!  

Wireless measuring units (laser/detector) enable you to work more freely. The measurement values can be registered with only 40° rotation of the shafts. You can then align it ”live” using the measuring units in any position around the shaft. The read off unit program is available in several different languages which facilitates use; English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Finnish and Swedish. The programs guide you step-by-step through the measuring procedure for the perfect measuring result.



LUDECA, INC. is an authorized and certified repair and service center for EASY-LASER® products in North America. Please note that any attempt to service the components by unauthorized personnel will render all warranty coverage void.

Should a service of your EASY-LASER® instrument ever become necessary, we offer you a quick turnaround time, and if necessary a loaner system or component will be available to you (E-series only).


LUDECA, INC. is an authorized calibration facility for EASY-LASER® products in North America. We offer calibration inspections traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Our calibration service includes:

  • Cleaning and inspection of the system, including parts to make sure all are in proper working condition.
  • Complete calibration
  • Check system operation, including any preventative repair if needed to make sure the system works as a whole.
  • Update system firmware to current version (if applicable).

The calibration accuracy of EASY-LASER® systems should be checked every two years.

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