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SDT270: The power of ultrasound for maintenance professionals. The ultrasonic leak detector SDT270 features multiple significant innovations dedicated to leak detection (compressed air, vacuum, steam,...) and to the improvement of predictive maintenance programmes. Manufactured by and for maintenance professionals, the SDT270’s innovation show our commitment to the production of intelligent and progressive instruments. Not only is the SDT270 the first portable ultrasound detection device to include both a built-in temperature sensor and a laser tachometer, but it’s also the first one to feature an onboard SQL database to capture and manage survey data. SDT270 main features: Measures broadband ultrasound signals with a 100kHz bandwidth Realizes data acquisition with a 250kHz sampling frequency Uses long-duration time sampling and data streaming Integrates built-in thermometer and tachometer with a laser Includes a SQL database. Includes an operator logging in. Insures full measurement traceability from operator to sensor. Warns the operator when an alarm is triggered Is IP (Internet) addressable Is remotely controlled and operated Incorporate 2 measurement channels.

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LUDECA, INC. is an authorized and certified repair and service center for SDT ultrasound products in the United States. Please note that any attempt to service the components by unauthorized personnel will render all warranty coverage void.

Should a service of your SDT instrument ever become necessary, we offer you a quick turnaround time, and if necessary a loaner component will be available to you.

LUDECA, INC. is an authorized calibration facility for SDT products in the United States.

Our calibration service includes:

  • Cleaning and inspection of the system, including parts to make sure all are in proper working condition.
  • Complete calibration
  • Check system operation, including any preventative repair if needed to make sure the system works as a whole.
  • Update system firmware to current version (if applicable).

The calibration of SDT instruments should be checked every year.

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