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Alignment, Ultrasound, and Inspection Equipment Rentals

Our rental solutions are the perfect way to get the Laser Alignment, Ultrasound, Vibration, and Inspection Equipment you need, without the costs of ownership and maintenance. Contact Us for more details.
Flexible rental programs

We offer flexible options for month-to-month and rent-to-own rental programs.

Discounts for longer rentals

Pay for 5 days and get 7 days, or rent for 20 days and get 30 days!

Convenient Delivery Times

Open for business 6 days a week, and we ship equipment until 5PM PST.


We can help you tailer rentals to meet your needs. Contact us at 800.867.1408.

Daily, weekly and monthly rates available.

NIST calibrated, full featured equipment.

Alignment Center Software options available.

Request Rental Information

Daily, weekly, monthly and long term lease options available.

Use this form to get started or call us today at 800.867.1408 for more information


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